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What if coming up with a GREAT IDEA and devoting yourself to it could finally make sense?

If you're tired of cotton candy in the sky teachings that make your dreams seem far away and unattainable, then enter your email address below for something refreshingly different.

Welcome to the 3 Dimensions of Idea Manifestation


Independence/Gain/Business Ownership

Interdependence/Wealth/Enterprise Expansion

No Idea Manifestation Can Occur Without These:

Freedom of Thought
Freedom of Thought
Freedom of Emotion
Freedom of Emotion
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Action
Freedom of Action

The Freedom of Enlightened Materialism Looks Like This:

Metatron Church Logo

The 12 colors present in the Square X Factor (TM) logo for Metatron Church (TM) correspond to The 12 Issues of Entrepreneurship (TM):

Color Red: Metadata Identity

Color Red-Orange: Value of Products/Services

Color Orange: Communication/Publicity/Social Media

Color Orange-Yellow: Company Culture

Color Yellow: Passion - Do what you love/love what you do

Color Yellow-Green: Work - Secret Operations

Color Green: Partnerships/Alliances

Color Green-Blue: Evolution/Transformation/Investment/Needs

Color Blue: Marketing

Color Blue-Purple: Status/Reputation

Color Purple: Society/Networking

Color Purple-Red: Subconscious/Narrative/Glamour

Archbishop Harpazio Anastasis, founder of Metatron Church (TM)

"I wanted to create a business religion for myself, to capture my rebellious wishful thinking ideas and bring them into submission, for true manifestation.  In a flash the whole concept came; but it took nearly 4 months to create the deep meaning of The Square X Factor (TM) logo for society."

Archbishop Harpazio Anastasis, Founder of Metatron Church (TM)